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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Graysland Animal Sanctuary provides specialized care for unwanted, abused or neglected animals. Our focus is on healing - for the animals who have been abused or neglected, feral or unwanted, or those who are aging or have some special needs. We strive to provide a peaceful environment for humans to heal as well, through the guidance and example of the animals.




Graysland Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2016 when Founders Jen and Dave bought their home in the Quiet Corner of CT on 15+ acres with a barn. Their first resident came with the property - the seller’s real estate agent asked if they should try to remove the cat that was being fed here. Of course they said no, Dave had already named him! Next came a retired breeder goat, followed by a mini horse and her 3 goat friends. Two years, 22 chickens, 5 barn cats, 3 more goats, 2 mini pigs, a farm pig, steer and mini horse later, we just obtained our 501(c)(3) status!  

Here at Graysland, we are passionate about animals. We aim to teach kindness, compassion and connection through caring for them and sharing their stories. We are here to learn resilience, persistence and patience from the animals and to create a safe haven for healing for both humans and animals. At the sanctuary, we provide specialized, loving care for all of our animals for the rest of their days. 

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”




Windham CT, USA


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